Дронов со своими уебанами продолжает доламывать жежешечку

Кросспостинг преимущественно не работает. Поэтому если кому интересно меня читать, приходите лучше в dreamwidth.

“The issue with crossposting not working is due to our crosspost worker being unable to reach LJ intermittently. We’ll continue to look into any possible changes we can make on our end to mitigate the problem, but at this point we do believe the issue is on LJ’s end and isn’t something we can work around completely.”

Последние два поста за сегодня в ЖЖ не импортировались. Ходите в DW: https://dil.dreamwidth.org/

Upd: ну вот, опять:

Crosspost to dil@LiveJournal failed.

Failed to crosspost entry to dil@LiveJournal: Failed to connect to http://www.livejournal.com/interface/xmlrpc.

You can read this post at LiveJournal.
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